Rank Up Physics JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics: Vol. 2

Rank Up Physics JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics: Vol. 2



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Rank up Physics JEE Main and Advanced is a recently launched series of 5 books which covers each and every sphere of Physics syllabus of JEE Main and Advanced. This is an is an excellent resource for aspiring engineers who wish to learn the concepts of Physics from zero level. The theoretical part of this series is presented in a simple manner to develop the core understanding of the subject. To grasp the concepts strongly, each Unit of the series is supplemented with self-explanatory diagram, table, flow charts, graphs, examples etc. All five books of rank up Physics series are: mechanics volume 1 mechanics volume 2 waves and Thermodynamics electricity and Magnetism Optics and Modern Physics The uniqueness of this series lies in the following fact: complete coverage of syllabus. Simplified presentation of complex Physics concept. More than 100 questions and Numerical for each Chapter variety of questions like – single Correct Answer type, multiple Correct Answer type, passage based, matrix match, integer type etc. To prepare you for both JEE Main and Advanced. Previous 2 years’ questions of JEE Main and JEE Advanced with detailed solutions. Volume 2 of this series examines the mechanics in 5 units and is based on Class XI syllabus. Each Unit is further divided in to subtopics. After each subtopic, fundamental questions have been added to help students practice and apply the concepts that they have learnt. This book is just awesome, it clears all fundamentals and basics of mechanics just like a good teacher. Content: Unit 1: Rotational Motion introduction Kinematics of a rigid body Rotational variables torque Equilibrium Angular momentum toppling moment of inertia Rotational Kinetic energy of a rigid body rotating about a given axis acceleration of a point on a fixed rotating object Rotation about a fixed axis Angular impulse rolling instantaneous axis of Rotation radius of curvature dynamics of rolling on a inclined plane Collision involving Rotational Motion exercise answers Unit 2: Gravitation Newton’s law of Gravitation characteristics of gravitational force variation in acceleration due to gravity gravitational field gravitational potential gravitational field and potential due to continuous bodies gravitational potential energy maximum height of a Projectile relation between gravitational field and potential Kepler’s laws geostationary satellite double star system motion of elliptical orbits analogy between Gravitation and Electrostatics exercise answers Unit 3: Elasticity stress and strain Hooke’s law stress-strain graph types of stress potential energy stored in a deformed object Poisson’s Ratio thermal stress exercise answers Unit 4: fluid Mechanics fluid statics density pressure in a fluid Pascal’s law variation of pressure in static Liquids variation of pressure in accelerating fluids hydrostatic forces on submerged surfaces fluid dynamics fluid flow description principle of continuity applications of Bernoulli’s theorem viscosity Newton’s law of viscous flow Stokes’ law terminal velocity Reynold’s number poiseuille’s equation surface tension explanation of surface tension excess pressure inside a liquid drop angle of contact rise/depression of liquid in a capillary tube rise of liquid between parallel plates exercise answers Unit 5: simple Harmonic Motion Periodic motion simple Harmonic Motion linear SHM displacement, velocity and acceleration in SHM Phase relation between SHM and uniform circular Motion energy of a particle in SHM role of potential energy in SHM time period in SHM time period of SHM for combination of Spring time period of simple pendulum SHM involving concept of Rotation SHM in fluids SHM involving concepts of heat and Thermodynamics: Oscillations of a piston SHM involving concepts of Gravitation physical pendulum or Compound pendulum torsional pendulum two body Oscillations superposition of two shm’s exercise answers previous years’ section JEE Main JEE Advanced answers.


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